Internet Discovers Disney Princess-Inspired Lingerie for Grown-ups, Freaks

Jan 13, 2014 • Fashion

The wonders never cease. The Japanese mail-order outfit Belle Maison recently released a new line of lingerie inspired by the “secret longings of princesses.” Their site features panty and bra sets ($38) based on the gowns worn by Belle, Cinderella, Aurora and Rapunzel.

Disney princess lingerie
Disney princess lingerie
Disney princess lingerie
Disney princess lingerie

This is, of course, being described as being completely “wrong” all over social media, for reasons that aren’t altogether coherent– or even apparent.

I don’t really understand why this line of lingerie is a problem. Ours is a culture that has for years masturbated with Hello Kitty and sizzling fan-made erotica centered around characters from Harry Potter. Ours is a culture that obsesses over shows about high-schoolers like Gossip Girl and Glee and considers the story depicted in Twilight to represent the height of true love. Hell, the hottest trilogy of the last four years, Fifty Shades, is erotica that began as Twilight fan-fiction. We’re not being reduced to children by co-opting these things. We’re not enouraging our lovers to prey on the young. We’re self-expressing. It’s okay. Everyone calm down.

The only crime being committed is, at worst, using Disney characters without permission. (Depending on your tastes, this lingerie may also constitute a fashion crime, but we’ll let you decide that for yourselves.)

Now, go read about what some of these princesses and fine ladies probably wore under their gowns and, if for some reason you still find yourself longing to be one, go pick up this book.

  • curiousjosh

    People are just upset because we all know disney princesses didn’t wear underwear.


    • A.V. Flox

      They probably didn’t. A chemise was most commonly worn under a gown until the late 1800s.