Valentine’s Day: DIY e-card

Feb 04, 2010 • Lessons, Relationship

Remember when we actually did stuff ourselves? When was the last time you made a mix for someone? Mix tapes are a thing of the past, but it’s not just the tapes that seem to have gone with the Dodo, it’s also the investment of time and creativity. And why bother, really, when you can easily have flowers you’ve never seen delivered with a few clicks, share a Pandora station with another, shoot off a ready-made e-card this Valentine’s Day with one more?

We here at Sex and the 405 think it’s time to make a return to the individual. To this end, we bring you Animoto, a Webby and SXSW-winning web application that turns your photos and video clips into little films for your personal enjoyment. You can use it to make 30 second videos for free, or cough up $30 for a year of full-length video creation.

Grab a bunch of photos and video clips and make a quick little side show with the sort of speed you’d expect from these fast times, but just a little more personality.

You’re welcome.

  • Laura
  • Anaiis

    There are cases where these are appropriate, but for the most part, these offerings don’t scream romantic love. With the exception of lingerie, they don’t spell desire to me, either. That’s what I’m looking for, but this varies.

    I like barware and a flat-screen TV. But I’d have to be sure, in the case of the latter, that he was blowing as much on me. There is nothing more awkward than splurging on a man and seeing his face when he hands you, you know, a box of Hershey’s.

    Also–you never, ever, and I mean NEVER try replace those worn, old t-shirts that are falling apart. Ever.