Foreplay Meets Happy Hour

Nov 28, 2011 • Culture, drinks, Film, Noms

Ali Carter in a whipped cream bikini

Ali Carter in a whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues. We can’t remember what the movie was about, but we will never forget the whipped cream bikini. It looks awkward now, laughable. We’ve graduated from cherry-nipples and a huge triangle-shaped covering down there.

Lucky for us, whipped cream has graduated, too.

Meet Whipped Lightning’s Whipahol, whipped cream infused with booze. At around 18 percent alcohol, these many-flavored creams are bound to change your happy hour romps forever.

So they’re not exactly available in California. But they are ready for the taking in Nevada, which is just a hop, skip and a jump — and who doesn’t need another great excuse to go to Vegas?

Clearly, we’ve got your back.