Forever Alone Meme to Visit Meatspace

Mar 25, 2011 • Culture, geek, teh inetrwebz, web

Forever Alone flashmob

You guys remember Forever Alone, right? It’s essentially the emo version of Rage Guy, featured widely in a comic wherein the protagonist faces his loneliness and despair. Good stuff. But not good enough for some 4chan and Reddit users, who want to see the meme come to life.

A plot is now in the works to bring as many single males as humanly possible to Times Square in New York City by putting up fake OKCupid profiles to lure victims.

The marching orders read as follows:

Forever Alone flashmob

Urlesque, which first linked the image, isn’t sure anyone will show up, but we think they will. That alone has us in a bizarrely Forever Alone kind of mood.