Spoiling The Geek You Love

Feb 11, 2013 • Lifestyle

Valentine’s Day. You think it is the height of commercial treachery. You’re not entirely wrong, but every once in a while, something comes along that makes shelling out the cash totally worth it. This, dear reader, is one such time.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Love and Tentacles

ThinkGeek and the masters of scent at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have teamed up to bring you a fragrance inspired by the dread octopus-headed Lovecraftian creature of the deep. They describe it as “an amorphous mix of oppressive, piceous ritual incense, macerated kelp, sea salt, sticky dark ocean plants, and … mixed chocolates.” Utterly bizarre, and you know you totally want it. ThinkGeek: $17.99 for a 5ml bottle

NerdyDirty cards on Etsy

The Boston designer Nicole Martinez created the Nerdy Dirty series to celebrate the joys of nerd love. “We would say such nerdy things when we were trying to be romantic,” Nicole tells InspirationFeed. “So when I got the urge to design something sweet I could only think of things like ‘Aorta tell you how much I love you.’ Hence, Nerdy Dirty posters were born.” And now, thanks to Etsy, you can own them in greeting card form. Etsy: $14.00 for a set of three.

Background photo in the Cthulhu perfume image by Todd Anderson.