I Just Unlocked The Gonorrhea Badge on Foursquare!

Aug 31, 2010 • Culture, geek, web

On Foursquare, we check in to restaurants, the 405, concerts and airplanes with such competitive zest over mayorship, it puts Tonya Harding to shame — so why wouldn’t we want to check in to clinics when we’re getting an STD check-up?

MTV, which is running a campaign to get people tested for sexually transmitted diseases, has paired up with the location-based network Foursquare to incentivize the process.

Through the month of September, they are offering a super special badge to all those who check in at a clinic.

No word on whether people get badges if they turn up positive for any STD.

All right, we’re assholes and fully aware we’re not helping the cause one bit. The idea here is to help destigmatize getting tested, and while we’re lolsing about it, we here at Sex and the 405 fully support this. And if a badge isn’t enough to get you going, MTV is also having a sweepstakes that will grant one lucky badge holder the chance to go to New York with a friend to attend MTV’s 10 on Top — we’re guessing that’s not a euphemism for an orgy, but if it is, we’re sure they’re have plenty of condoms available.

Congratulations, you just unlocked the “Wow, Those Dicks At Sex and the 405 Have A Really Juvenile Sense of Humor” badge on Foursquare.

Information from the Associated Press.