GOP–Grand Old Sex Party?

Oct 18, 2009 • News

Meet Stepfanie Velez-Gentry, a Republican mother of two running for New Jersey State Assembly. She’s wholesome as they get. And she makes her living throwing sex toy parties.

Her company is called Nookie Parties. These are much like Tupperware parties, only with sex toys, lotions, games, lingerie and other sexy accouterments.

nookiepartiesHer motto? “For parties you will always remember and nights you will never forget.”

“We enhance people’s romances and make people happy. It’s wonderful,” she says. “It makes the moms and dads happy, and then everyone is happy.”

Since she set up her company in 2007, Velez-Gentry has created a network of some 200 people nationwide that set up the parties. Not only is she making a killing, but she’s essentially kicking ass in terms of getting in with the voters.

Watch out Dems, this pleasure-positive Republican is sure to give you a run for your money.

And other Republicans? Camden County Republican Chairman Rick DeMichele respects Velez-Gentry’s entrepreneurial spirit and doesn’t apologize for her choice of venture, saying, “She makes a great candidate.”

Hey, I have no idea what her views are, but based on this, I’d vote for her.

Image from Nookie Parties. Information from Fox News–who else?