High Fashion Meets High Protocol

Jan 26, 2012 • Culture, Fashion

ainsley-t bedroom boot

Designers create for many reasons, but very few of them specialize in the erotic life in the same way that ainsley-t does. The Milan-based footwear designer is tired of the usage of words such as “cheap” and “tacky” to describe the items that make our fantasies come to life. His life mission is to take erotic wear to the heights of haute couture.

“We’re convinced that the erotic need be no enemy of quality,” says founder Stuart Thom. “And when you’re thinking with every square inch of skin and breathing for every touch, wouldn’t you much rather wear shoes from people who take the same care as you do? Of course you would.”

To this end, ainsley-t has joined forces with Les Jeux du Marquis to bring to life a pair of ainsley-t lace boots that incorporate a wicked flogger as an accessory. This effort doesn’t seek to provoke conversation — this is art you can use. The flogger, custom-designed by Les Jeux du Marquis to meet the “dictates of High Fashion,” is made of French nappa, lambskin suede and lace-effect lasered calfskin.

The boot will debut in Barcelona, Spain at the end of the month at The Brandery, a fashion trade show which is offering for the first time an exhibit focusing explosively on high-fashion erotic products.

We can’t wait to see this boot. Our editrix has not one, but two pairs of ainsley-t’s anal plug pumps, so we can vouch they’re to die.