Women Who Want Birth Control “Cannot Control Their Libido”

Jan 23, 2014 • Politics

Huckabee says women who want birth control can't control their libido

The former Republican Arkansas governor-turned-talking head Mike Huckabee had a completely unsurprising song and dance routine today at the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting in Washington D.C., a get-together that enables conservative U.S. candidates to hone their platforms and develop their election strategies. The routine went something like this:

Members of the Democratic Party, which supports assisting women with costs of birth control through Obamacare, “think that women are nothing more than helpless and hopeless creatures whose only goal in life is to have the government provide for them birth control medication. Women I know are smart, educated, intelligent, capable of doing anything anyone else can do. Our party stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of women — that’s not a war on them, that’s a war for them. And if the Democrats want to insult the women of America by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it — let us take that discussion all across America.”

The Republican party is fighting for women by denying them insurance that covers birth control. They are taking on a party that harms women by enabling their helplessness. Clearly, by providing access to birth control, the Democrats are failing to push women to learn to control their libidos and reproductive systems.

This bit of nonsense is particularly amusing in light of a recent survey which recently discovered that Medicare happily covers vacuum penis pumps. Medicare won’t cover hearing aids, but according to the inspector general, this “prosthetic benefit” aid is fully covered. It’s cost the government $172.4 million for them over the past six years. Not only that, but Medicare is paying twice as much for these penis pumps ($360) than non-Medicare patients are paying — if they had matches the cost paid by other people, the government could have saved $14 million per year, and patients could have saved $3.6 million.

I’m not saying that erectile dysfunction tools shouldn’t be covered. They should. But it’s telling that we haven’t heard a peep about this from Republicans.

I’m not saying that erectile dysfunction tools shouldn’t be covered. They should. But it’s telling that we haven’t heard a peep about this from Republicans, isn’t it? Obviously women, who want to control their reproductive destinies are libidinous monsters. But guys are totally covered because failing to exercise their libidos falls under Medicare Part B’s requirement that they be given “reasonable” “treatment of an illness or injury.”

It’s an injury for men not to exercise their libido. It’s a social problem when women exercise theirs. This is inconsistent.

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  • ibantam

    I just don’t want my tax dollars to pay for someone else’s libido issues.

    • http://slantist.com/ AV Flox

      And I don’t want to pay for corporation’s mistakes. Life’s a bitch and then you die.

    • Grant Stone

      Do you have a problem with Tax Dollars being used to cover Erectile Dysfunction? Say, Viagra? Why are you so repressed about sex and medicine?

      These are NOT “libido” issues; they are “medical” issues. The coverage of Birth Control actually SAVES you Tax Dollars, because it’s cheaper to pay for Birth Control than to pay for the pregnancy, birth and medical care of unplanned babies! So, when you say, “I don’t want my tax dollars paying for Birth Control,” what you are saying is, “I would like to needlessly spend MORE tax dollars.”

      Look, I don’t want my tax dollars spent on Mercenary Fighters in intentionally prolonged overseas conflicts that have injected BILLIONS into the Military Industrial Complex. But, like A.V. says, ‘Life’s a Bitch,” And the US Government is never perfect.

      • ibantam

        Get a job, and buy your own pills!
        Yes, corporate welfare and wasting money trying to help muslims overseas also sucks!!!

        • Grant Stone

          Wow! I don’t think you understand how HEALTH INSURANCE works. The women getting this Medical Benefit on their HEALTH INSURANCE generally PAY for that health insurance. And that Benefit actually LOWERS the cost of Healthcare, which means that, even for the Women that the Government is subsidizing, that Healthcare is SAVING us ALL MONEY! That Healthcare Benefit is Lowering our Insurance Premiums!

          Do you have something against saving money?

          Fewer unplanned pregnancies means fewer unwed mothers clogging our Social Welfare System for Food Stamps, Housing Assistance and Medical Assistance.

          Covered Contraception is a simple social policy that could easily save the Tax Payers BILLIONS of dollars! Do you have something against saving money?

          • ibantam

            We both know the bulk of it will be paid with tax dollars. Or do you think that more than 10% or 15% of black women actually PAY for their health care? Do you really think that more than 50% of white women pay the FULL price for healthcare without govt. money involved? Maybe YOU don’t know how health insurance really works. If it ain’t voluntary, it ain’t “insurance”, it’s a tax or a subsidy!!!

          • Grant Stone

            No. The bulk of it will NOT be paid with Tax Dollars. Why are are you getting Racist in these comments? (Let me take a wild guess here. You are White. And you enjoy feeling Superior to Black People, and other minorities.) If you are presenting statistics, don’t GUESS as what you think those statistics are. Find those stats. Otherwise, you don’t come across like an Academic, but just a Racist Boor. Seriously, zip up your fly, you’ve got your Racism hanging out. That’s not polite in public. Much worse than farting in church.

            The USA pays TWICE as much per capita as similar Industrialized Countries for Healthcare. For all that spending, our outcomes are not better. Canada PAYS less, and they LIVE longer!

            You know why? Because Canadians aren’t getting juiced by a Healthcare System like ours, that was NEVER a “Free Market” to begin with, so why do Libertarian Dweebs want to defend something that is such a HORRIBLE mess.

          • ibantam

            True facts are NOT racist! Most black women get free healthcare, and quite a few white. Meanwhile, I have to suffer with it when I am injured, do without when I need an MRI, and go to Mexico for cheap meds, because I’m a WASP. Furthermore, sex with my wife costs me $1 per pop for condoms, so why do I want others to get free abortions and birth-control pills?

          • Grant Stone

            The show me where you found those “True Facts,” and didn’t just make them up out of your own Racist Imagination! Show me where you found those statistics, Bigot! You can’t. Why? Because they aren’t real statistics, they are just your bigoted notions. Don’t confuse your bias and hate for facts, dip.

            Your CONDOMS have a higher mistake and failure rate than The Pill or IUDs. Women deserve to get the Healthcare that best suits THEIR lifestyle, not YOURS! BTW, because condoms are non-prescription, they aren’t covered by Health Insurance.

          • ibantam

            Go outside, turn left, go th the next house where you see an unwed black mother sitting on the front porch and ask her for yourself how much her health-care costs her. But you already know that most black mothers get free health-care, they just go to the ER every time they get a sniffle, and EVERYBODY knows it, even YOU unless you’re the stupidest person on earth, so stop calling me a liar and a bigot, and pull your head out!!!
            Furthermore, I have used condoms throughout the 17 years of my marriage without an unwanted pregnancy, but fornicators complain of condom failure because the female has decided to become a professional mother with child-support and welfare paying her salary.
            The truth hurts: Blacks need to get over their inferiority complex, lose the chip on their shoulder, stop hating and blaming white people for their problems, stop fornicating, get right with Jesus Christ, stop voting for democrat baby-killers who they think are going to rob whitey in order to give them some free goodies, and EARN the respect of white people by their godly behavior and conversation.

          • Grant Stone

            You are pretending that everyone in America lives next door to a Black Woman receiving Social Services. I hate to break the news to you, but there are a whole lot more White People using Social Services than Black People! There are a whole lot more WHITE mothers getting free health-care than Black Mothers.

            I’m calling you a bigot and racist, ibantam, because the truth hurts. You’re a creep and an ass tool. You are sexually fixated on black, unwed mothers. It’s weird. It’s racist. It’s rude. Knock it off.

          • ibantam

            If it makes you feel better, there are also many trashy white women who vote for baby-killers, can’t control their sexual urges, get free health-care and live off the system. Does that make you feel better???

          • Grant Stone

            You’re clearly a juvenile, rude, racist clown, ibantam. You have zero credibility and zero common sense. The truth hurts.

          • ibantam

            You have falsely profiled me, but I will accurately profile YOU:
            You are a fornicator who thinks the world (and especially white people) owes you something. A cheap prostitute can get from $20 to $200 for her services, but sadly, you can’t even get a boyfriend to pay for your birth-control pills, so you think that whitey should pay for it through taxation.

          • Grant Stone

            The Government isn’t paying for Birth Control, Idiot! Birth Control is now just STANDARD Coverage for Women’s Health Insurance! Why? Because Birth Control is STANDARD Medical Care for a VAST majority of American Women. And that’s fair. Get over it! Birth Control is being no more subsidized than Vaccinations!

            You’re an ignorant, misinformed, racist clown, ibantam. The truth hurts.

          • ibantam

            No, You’re an ignorant, racist clown who can’t find a man with enough respect to pay for your birth control.

          • Grant Stone

            If a woman’s Medical Insurance is covering HER Birth Control, then SHE IS paying for that Birth Control! Do the math, ibantam, you racist tool.

            Birth Control isn’t FREE, it’s just fully covered, like your Vaccinations and Annual Check-Ups! You aren’t up in arms that Vaccinations are fully covered by Health Insurance! You know why? Because they are Standard Medical Practice that SAVES money and saves lives. The same is true for Birth Control. It’s a Standard Medical Practice for a vast majority of women. It’s saves on Healthcare Spending, and it SAVES LIVES!

            The truth hurts, you racist Clown.

          • ibantam

            If you are a single mom (unless you’re a nurse), then someone else is paying for most or all of your healthcare coverage. So, tell me how much do YOU pay per month???

          • Grant Stone

            Ibantam, IF you have Health Insurance and live in the USA, your Vaccinations and Annual Check-up are now FULLY COVERED under a mandate of the ACA. You won’t pay a co-pay. That is the same sort of coverage that Women receive for Birth Control. Your Check-Ups aren’t exactly “Free,” they are just FULLY insured.

            Most women PAY for their Health Insurance. Yes, the Government is subsidizing Health Insurance for more men and women. You can suck an egg if you think that letting Citizens DIE is a better idea, because that is the alternative. You can also suck an egg if you think YOU should decide what is or isn’t STANDARD Coverage for Health Insurance in the USA. You have ZERO Medical Training. You’re a racist clown. In short, you have ZERO credibility on this issue. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

            Why do you think you being a WASP is important to this conversation? Do you think that makes you superior to anyone else?

          • ibantam

            Letting Citizens die? Are you dying to fornicate? Is your boyfriend really too poor to pay for the birth-control? My wife gets free birth-control, because da baby daddy pays for it! Who’s REALLY the clown?

          • ibantam

            PS: No, I don’t think being a WASP makes me superior, but that’s why I’m ineligable for free healthcare even though I’m a working poor. If I were a female fornicator with 5 kids from different undisclosed daddies, then I would know what it’s like to have healthcare. I have NEVER been able to afford healthcare, and now Obama is tryng to make me a criminal because I can’t afford it. When I crack bones I just try to avoid using that limb. When I can’t breathe, I take a bronchade pill and hope it’s not a heart attack. When I want sex with my wife I buy a condom. And when YOU want sex, I don’t pity your boyfriend if he has to do the same!

          • Grant Stone

            Do you REALLY think that NO WASPs get subsidized or free healthcare? You’re a racist clown, ibantam!

            The reason you don’t have subsidized healthcare isn’t because you’re a WASP, it’s because you’re an idiot!

            Contraception isn’t just about SEX, you moron! Condoms are NOT the same thing as IUDs or The Pill. Women should have the RIGHT to choose the type of Birth Control that best suits their Medical needs, not YOURS!

          • ibantam

            Well, I could stop working, move into government housing, get on food-stamps (including a free cell-phone) and then I would also be eligable for free healthcare and free birth-control (including abortions), but then I would be YOU!!!

          • Grant Stone

            You’re an idiot, ibantam. You’re an idiot for thinking that you need to stop working to be eligible for subsidized healthcare! You don’t. Look into it. Because your “healthcare plan” is no plan at all. It’s you, praying to God that you don’t get catastrophically sick or injured, putting you smack dab on the Welfare you rail against.

            Insured Birth Control for Women is NOT costing you money! It is SAVING you money! Because it is CHEAPER to pay for women’s Birth Control, than to pay for their Medical Expenses and Social Welfare Spending of Unplanned Children! Every dollar the Government spends on promoting access to contraception and education about contraception saves the government between $3 to $6 in later spending!

            Get over being a racist, ignorant prude. Women should be allowed to access the Healthcare that best suits THEIR Healthcare NEEDS, not your dumb-ass, racist ignorance!

            Dude, I’m not using FREE Birth Control. I pay for my Health Insurance. I have no clue what food-stamps or cell-phones have to do with this discussion. You are just throwing in buzzwords, because you don’t have a coherent argument to make.

          • ibantam

            1. I already tried to get a free medical test when I was laid-off and having heart symptoms, but they said that I have to be completely unemployed, so I eventually went to the ER and now I have a bad debt on my record.

            2. You didn’t say so, but we both know that “insured birth control” includes abortion, which is the MOST RACIST act in American history, because black babies are much more likely to be aborted than white babies. By the way, abortion was first pushed by a branch of the democrat party known as the KKK, and now YOU are one of their “useful idiots!”
            3. You MAY be paying something for your Health Insurance, but I would gamble that the tax-payers and the Chinese are paying for MOST of it! Now since our national debt and current budget is unsustainable, both healthcare rationing and euthanasia are inevitable. This means that healthcare will eventually become a bureaucratic train-wreck which does little except to put a cast on broke bones, and abort babies (along with the elderly).
            4. I suspect that you are an “edumacated” young person, but you will find out soon enough who is the racist stooge. Hear me NOW and believe me LATER !!!

          • Grant Stone

            You don’t know what you are talking about. Look into getting subsidized Health Insurance through ObamaCare. Don’t do it for yourself. Do it for your wife. You already pay taxes. You might as well get the benefits you are entitled to.

            2. Access to Birth Control LOWERS the Abortion Rate. If you are really concerned about seeing fewer Abortions, you should be promoting access to Birth Control. By wanting fewer women to have access to the types of Birth Control choices that will make THEIR lives easier, you are asking to see MORE abortions! Figure it out, clown!

            3. This is NOT about rationing healthcare or euthanasia. This is about reforming OUR broken Healthcare System. We PAY nearly twice as much as any other country (per capita) on healthcare, and we get shittier outcomes. Canada has Socialized Care. They don’t have euthanasia. But they get to pay nearly HALF of what we do for healthcare, and they LIVE longer! They are also generally HAPPIER with their Healthcare System than we are with ours!

            4. You are an ignorant boob, ibantam. I’m nearly 53. I’m male. I’m not on welfare. I just think that women should have more control over their personal lives, especially if that is going to SAVE US ALL MONEY, and LOWER the Abortion Rate!

          • ibantam

            So you’re 53? Good! You are exactly the right age to get from Obama-care what you deserve for voting for him! ..and YES there WILL be rationing which leads to euthanasia, because when the money runs out, we have no choice but to become CUBA!

          • Grant Stone

            You’re an ignorant, paranoid, racist loony, ibantam.

          • ibantam

            In how many countries throughout history have similar health-care policies been implemented only to FAIL ! …but YOU think it will work out differently in America because we are SPECIAL ! That’s why thy used to teach REAL HISTORY in the public school system, but NOW they teach SOCIAL STUDIES and ALTERNATIVE (or selective) history, resulting in a nation of political zombies, like you, who don’t believe that poop stinks until it hits them in the face!

          • Grant Stone

            EVERY industrialized country in the WORLD has some form of Socialized Healthcare or Nationalized Health Insurance. The USA is the ONLY holdout. What do they know that we don’t know? Those Countries generally see better healthcare outcomes for their Citizens at lower costs. The USA pays the MOST for Healthcare per person than ANY country in the world. We are NUMBER ONE! But the USA Ranks #36 in Life Expectancy! We rank #26 in Infant Mortality! We have some of the best Hospitals in the World. We have some of the best Healthcare. Just one problem, ordinary Schmucks like YOU just can’t afford it! So you go through life, praying you don’t get sick, and when you do, you just DIE!

            Let’s make this perfectly clear, we are paying WAY MORE THAN AVERAGE for Healthcare, and we are getting way LESS THAN optimal results for our money. That’s called, getting RIPPED OFF! And you are cheering for getting ripped off, ibantam.

            Here’s the really STUPID thing, ibantam. Somebody comes along and says, “This system is broken. Our Citizens are needlessly dying, so we need to FIX this,” and you scream BLOODY MURDER, because somebody has chosen to actually DO SOMETHING instead of just let the status quo continue. Not only that, you scream BLOODY MURDER over women having access to CONTRACEPTION COVERAGE, a Medical Strategy that SAVES us all MONEY and LOWERS THE GOD DAMNED ABORTION RATE! Figure out what is important. Whining that Women have access to contraception makes you look like an ignorant clown.

            Pull your head out of your ass, you racist boob!

          • ibantam

            NOT TRUE: Socialised medicine sucks everywhere it’s been tried!!!

            Go to one of those countries, if you want to wait around a doctor’s office all day with a broke bone…If you want to wait hours for chest pain…if you want to wait months for an outpatient procedure…if you want to wait for the rest of your life for a kidney transplant….but if you want an abortion, there’s no wait!

            The reason medical treatment is so expensive in this country is because the government is ALREADY too involved with micromanaging everything. I can’t even buy a pair of bifocals without paying an eye-doctor $50 for his permission, because the government makes it illegal for anyone to sell bifocals without a prescription, and I refuse, so I carry 2 pairs of dollar-tree reading glasses of different strengths.

            The best and cheapest medical treatment I ever got was in the Dominican Republic: I got an EKG and MRI for $50 bucks, and dental work cost about $20 per filling or cap in the DR. That’s because their government is NOT in any way involved, and doesn’t care what the doctors and dentists do or how they do it.

            Now the more government is involved, the more it will cost. Government can NOT make healthcare CHEAPER, but all they can do is make someone ELSE pay for it so that it SEEMS cheaper to the recipient, but even that is temporary because when the MONEY runs OUT, the healthcare will END.
            …and the money WILL run out soon, because if you took away the wealth of EVERY rich man in America, it would only finance our Government for 1 year, so the next year you would have to take the wealth of every middle-class to run the government, and the Chinese are about to stop lending……..why? Because if I pay for the MRI they charge me $500, but if the government pays for it they charge them $5,000 and there is simply NOT ENOUGH MONEY in the WORLD to fund a bureaucratic, socialized medical system without EXTREME rationing and some form of euthanasia.

            Look, 90% to 95% of black Christians, INCLUDING the pastors always vote for the pro-abortion, democrat who promises to take from rich whitey and give to the poor. They have sold their souls for a food-stamp phone, and they deserve what’s about to happen to this country, but God will hide me and my family away when it all hits the fan.

            As far as being a racist is concerned, If George Bush would have done everything exactly the same as Obama you and every black would have cried “bloody murder,” but because he is black you are blind, looking at him with a mother’s love which can find no fault. YOU and most blacks are the RACIST boobs, not ME !

            I measure a man by his character, and half of white people vote like white trash, and it’s not MY fault that 95% of black people also vote like white trash, that’s THEIR FAULT, because trash IS as trash DOES ! So go ahead and ENJOY your subsidised healthcare, free abortions, free love (make it a 3-some), free speech, and the right to be an immoral, ignoranus while you can, because it will ALL come to an END much sooner than what you think, and Obamacare will hasten the economic collapse that triggers it!

            Hear me NOW and believe me LATER !!!

          • Grant Stone

            ibantam, you SAY, “Socialized* Medicine sucks everywhere it’s been tried,” but that’s a lie. If you want to make a claim like that, back it up with facts, not hunches from your gut, or what you are sure you’ve been told.

            In Canada, they PAY nearly HALF of what we PAY for Medical Care (per person). When surveyed, Canadians say they are MORE satisfied with their Healthcare Services than USA Citizens say we are with ours. So they PAY LESS, and they are HAPPIER with their care. Canadians also LIVE LONGER than people in the USA. So, they PAY LESS, and they LIVE LONGER!

            Canadians also have a much LOWER rate of people declaring bankruptcy! Did you know that before the Housing Crisis, Medical Bills were the NUMBER ONE reason people declared Bankruptcy in the USA! Of those people who declared Bankruptcy due to medical expenses, a majority of them had some form of Medical Insurance at the time of their Medical Crisis. It just turned out to be inadequate. We have an inadequate Healthcare System.

            So, Canadians PAY LESS, LIVE LONGER, are HAPPIER with their care, and fewer Canadians have to declare Bankruptcy because of spiraling, uncontrollable Medical Bills!

            The Canadian Healthcare System isn’t perfect. It’s just much better than ours. We should be able to learn from and copy where their system is successful.

            The Dominican Republic Government pays about HALF the Medical Costs of it’s Citizens. (That’s a far higher percentage paid than in the USA.) And the Life Expectancy in the DR is about 6 YEARS lower than in Cuba or the United States. The DR is not the Medical Nirvana you make it out to be.

            And what the HELL is wrong with Free Love or Free Speech? Sheesh! You are a fool!

          • ibantam

            Don’t you know about medical tourism? Canadians come HERE when they need GOOD, FAST medical care, but soon they will be forced to go to banana republics!
            Furthermore, I went to a PRIVATE medical facility, and the cost was not half, but about 1/10th what it costs here.

          • Grant Stone

            Don’t you know about Medical Tourism? Far more Americans go to Canada for Cheaper Prescription Drugs! We don’t need to get rid of what works in the USA to emulate what works better in other countries! We just need to admit that our Medical System is fundamentally broken, so we can FIX it!

            And the US Medical System isn’t overpriced because of Over-regulation. It’s overpriced because it’s based on a under-regulated Business Model of GOUGING the Consumer at every turn!

          • ibantam

            The business model of gouging is based on the fact that our government eliminates the competition through over-regulation. For example, if I could go to wal-mart and get a chest x-ray without paying a doctor, it would probably cost $5 and then I could post the x-ray image online and let some specialist in India evaluate the x-ray for another $5. This would force American medical institutions to become more competitive.
            Now, meds are cheaper in Canada than the USA, and WAY cheaper in Mexico, because the government of Mexico does not get much involved in regulating it’s drug industry (which would jack up the price). In fact, the last time I went to Mexico, I could get ANY drug at the pharmacy WITHOUT a prescription.
            That’s why if you want cheap medical treatment, without a long wait (like in Canada), then Mexico is the place to go.

          • Grant Stone

            Why do they PAY LESS, LIVE LONGER and are HAPPIER with their HEALTHCARE in Canada?

            People LIVE LONGER in Canada than in Mexico. People LIVE LONGER in Cuba!

          • ibantam

            They DON’T pay less, but they pay MORE through taxation, and they don’t live longer.

          • ibantam

            People live longer in Cuba only because the Cuban government can’t afford to bury them !

          • ibantam

            I have never had a free vaccination or free anual check-up, because I am a working-class, WASP, male.

          • ibantam

            I will not let you call me a racist, because YOU are the one who PRE-JUDGES without knowing all the facts. Here are the facts that EVERYONE in the WHOLE WORLD knows:
            1. Most racists are blacks ho blame whites for all their problems.
            2. Most murderers, robbers and rapers of blacks are also black!
            3. Most unwed black mothers get free health-care, or just go to the ER without paying.
            4. At least 80% and probably 90% of black Christians vote (against their own conscious) for baby-killing democrats EVERY time they vote, because they think the democrats are going to rob whitey in order to give them some type of free goodies.
            Furthermore, if you want good, cheap health-care go to the Dominican Republic, because the government is not involved. I got my heart tested there for less than $50 and the best and most modern dental care for 10% what it would cost in the USA. Oh, and the meds are soooo much cheaper too (and you don’t need a prescription). Obamacare will go down in history as the creator of “MEDICAL TOURISM.”
            OK, you can stick your head back in the sand now!