I Saw You Naked On The Internet

Feb 01, 2011 • Culture, teh inetrwebz, web

Is Anyone Up?

It was only a matter of time before someone ran with the pr0n Tumblr idea and tried to monetize it. Witness this blog, which is dedicated entirely to the nudes we send off to partners and potential partners with no concern as to where they may end up.

Introducing: Is Anyone Up

Well, now you know where to start looking. Beyond the merry-go-round of nudes (and the hilarious photos the site appends to each set as a sort of visual verdict), you also have featured hate mail from people whose photos have been used without permission and really disturbing confessions, such as the following:

So we go upstairs and im stoked kinda nervous. boner in full effect. She was one of those girls who wants it like pitch dark (hairy ass) so by this time bitch is begging for some of the hunts. So i start putting in work you know. Ok ok ill admit right now. I licked her butthole. i like that shit. Anyway Im beating guts for days and were like two hours in. might as well be foreplay for a seasoned pro like me. So i skeet her up and tell her i love her. I go to get some floss in the bathroom and i go to open the door and i notice my hand is covered in blood. At first i was like kinda grossed out but wasn’t sure. Then i open the door and i go to wash my hands and then i look in the mirror and i had blood all over my fucking face and it had dripped down my chin. I said fuck the floss where’s the knife. She straight up used me as a maxi pad. I go back to the room and look at her with her warpaint on my face and say “what the fuck”. So she leaves and i realize the bitch bled threw my sisters comforter and i had to lie and say my dog was in heat to my mom. so i wouldn’t get in trouble..

Still unclear why the dude needed floss mid-foreplay, but obviously that’s beside the point. The point is: this stuff is raw.