Tron Pr0n: The Kama Sutra for Nerds

Aug 23, 2010 • geek, SciFet

The internet has brought the joy of sex in all its variations out of the dark and put it at the hands of most anyone with enough brain cells to access Google. Now, the geek contingent of the population can cease its wild search for how-tos on Pornotube and tune in to something more their speed. Introducing The Tron-A-Sutra.

Thanks to the nerds at WonderHowTo, now even the geekiest of geeks can find how best to fit the penetrator into the receptor’s USB port for maximum download speed and G-circuit stimulation! Among the 20 epic videos are Tron tutorials for the pile driver, wheelbarrow, sitting bull and more!

Go forth and multiply, nerds. The world needs you.

NOTE: WonderHowTo may require you to create an account with them to access some of the videos (we have no idea why, since there is no nudity, but whatever). Use Facebook Connect to create an account stat. If your birth year is not displayed on your Facebook page, go into your WonderHowTo profile and add the year yourself, then head back to the video to get a look-see. It’s worth it.

Image from WonderHowTo, via @ButlerGeorge.