Lovers Fall From Window, Newspaper Judges Them

Aug 19, 2010 • News

We here at Sex and the 405 peruse hundreds of sites and publications to get the news unfolding around the world about sex and relationships. It’s safe to assume we enjoy the topics. The truth is that we’re also rather fond of seeing how others handle the topics presented.

El Comercio is one of Peru’s biggest daily newspapers. Their coverage of an incident that unfolded in Lubeck, Germany, between two lovers is worthy of mention for their frighteningly biased treatment.

According to the report, two lovers fell from a building while having sex. What follows is a translation of the article:

The woman, whose identity was not revealed, took advantage of the fact her husband was interned at a hospital after an accident to have sex with her lover, but the passionate duo fell through a window five meters (16.4 feet) from the ground.

The couple ended up with broken bones and head wounds and were moved, ironically, to the same hospital where the husband found himself.

The woman denied at all times that she was engaged in sexual relations. “We were not having sex. We were playing. I don’t remember anything of the fall,” said the unfaithful [woman]. Even so, several witnesses state the contrary.

The “unfaithful”? Tried and sentenced by international media’s carnival of shame. While the irony of ending up at the hospital where one’s husband finds himself is amusing, the comments reflecting an attitude of “that’s what she gets” are disappointing. Is it a newspaper’s role to inform about events and people or shame and condemn them?

Image by Anna Gay.