Your Tax Dollars at Work: Kicking Hotties out of Bed Naked

Aug 01, 2012 • News, Scandal!

graffiti by Blek le Rat

In 2007, Caleche Ranae Manos was Miss Nevada. Since then, she’s opted for a less demanding regimen among the idyllic comforts of Santa Monica. Never in a million years would she have imagined that one morning, she would wake to police in full riot gear and with guns drawn surrounding her bed, but that’s exactly what happened last November. Not only did they scare her half to death, they demanded that she get out of bed without a chance to get dressed. And so the former Miss Nevada was paraded before half a dozen male officers, completely naked.

This may have been understandable had they had a warrant and Manos been a criminal in need of apprehension. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Police Department, neither was the case. The warrant was for apartment C, not apartment A, where Manos lived, and had nothing to do with her. Nevertheless, the police searched, interrogated and detained at gunpoint Manos and her fiance, who was also in the apartment.

When it was discovered they were in the wrong place, the police did not only fail to apologize, one of them had the audacity to joke that — thanks to their epic fail — the couple would have a funny tale to tell at Thanksgiving. Are you kidding? Mano is suing, of course, seeking damages for negligence, false imprisonment, civil rights violations, sexual harassment, and emotional distress, among other things.

Via the LA Weekly. Photo in header depicts a piece by the graffiti artist Blek le Rat.