Pick One: Sex or Weightloss

Aug 17, 2010 • News, Research

“Over half of American women would give up sex in return for not gaining 10 pounds”! That’s the headline over at the New York Post. Pretty interesting conclusion, considering the sample size of surveyed participants was 1,001 adults, both men and women, which hardly equals half of American women, but whatever.

Nutrisystem, the weightloss company behind the survey, found that 52 percent of women surveyed would take a summer without sex over gaining 10 pounds. A quarter of of men surveyed agreed. Those surveyed should take some time to consider that not only does sex improve cognition, but it’s actually a pretty decent form of exercise, should you put some back into it.

And should your partner not be available, there is always the Sexcercise Ball, a nifty device that combines the exercise ball with a variety of sex toy add-ons for you to bounce, moan and tone your body into shape.

You know you love it. Now get out there and don’t be afraid to break a sweat.

Via NakedCity NY.