Prepare Yourself for a New Free, High-Quality Porn Tube

Feb 02, 2012 • Culture, Local, Porn Valley, teh inetrwebz, web

Adult considers getting with the times

It’s hard to say how much revenue the porn industry has lost to free porn tube sites. No matter what they do, they can’t seem to bring their sales back to the levels they saw before these sites made access to porn so easy. Tired of fighting, the adult video production company Pink Visual is joining their ranks.

Sort of. They’re working with other studios in the industry to launch an entirely free, ad-supported streaming site that will bring fans the porn they want while still creating a direct source of revenue for the studios that provided the content.

“In talking to the heads of other adult studios about the state of the market, one of the most frustrating things for them in recent years has been seeing their content generate literally millions of views on free sites that are displaying their content without their permission, and yet they get no direct revenue from all those views,” says Pink Visual CEO Allison Vivas. “On the site we’re developing, the advertising revenue generated by views of their content is shared directly with the studio. The more their content is viewed, the more the studio earns.”

This is great news for the consumer — though not entirely surprising. Pink Visual came to be in the time of web, eventually turning itself into the first mobile site for iPhone. By 2009, Pink Visual had developed its mobile offering to run on the majority of popular U.S. smartphones. In 2010, they moved aggressively into the tablet space. They know these here intertubes.

Also, the move to create a tube site that benefits studios directly fits with Pink Visual’s aggressive anti-piracy stance. If they can bring better quality content to viewers, they could stand to really hit the tube sites where it hurts: the bank account.

Their motto “We Innovate, You Masturbate” is right once again. Power to you, Pink Visual. We’ll be in our room if you need us.

Header image via PinkVisualPass.