Save the Planet, Watch Some Porn

May 01, 2014 • Porn, porn

PornHub to donate trees

Every company on the planet has jumped on the lucrative charity bandwagon, and porn is no different, though the industry’s contributions are not always received with the enthusiasm enjoyed by mainstream companies. A couple of years ago, the National Education Association refused a donation from the studio Assence Films, for instance, and not long after, the Susan G. Komen Foundation turned down a donation following a rather misguided PornHub fundraiser.

So it comes as no surprise that this year, PornHub is focusing its philanthropic efforts on an initiative that won’t turn them down: saving the planet. The adult tube site recently pledged to plant one tree for every 100 clips watched in its Big Dicks category.

“PornHub Gives America Wood,” puns the dedicated page. “While watching some nice pieces of ash, you’ll also be helping spruce America up! Bushes are optional.” (Oh, porn. I’d slap you but I know there isn’t enough Valium in the world for the copywriters who are forced to come up with this shit.)

When the DailyDot asked who they were working with to get the trees planted, the porn giant dodged the question, saying they were currently looking at three but had not yet decided. Here’s hoping that they keep a lid on things this year so they can actually accomplish this one.