Up Ours, Mr. Putin!

Mar 13, 2014 • LGB, Politically Erect, Politics, Toys

Traditionally, the butt plug has been used to stimulate the rectum for sexual pleasure, but Florida artist Fernando Sosa wants to repurpose it as a tool of dissent. A week ago, Sosa unleashed on the world a plug based on Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

the Putin butt plug

“As many of you guys know Russia is bringing an all out war against the civil rights of gay people in Russia,” Sosa wrote. “Leading the charge is Mr. Putin and his homophobic leadership.”

Initially, Sosa wanted to use his 3-D printer to make a voodoo doll, but he soon determined that casting Putin as an object representative of the thing he considers most corrosive to Russian society was the better bet.

Designing these things, of course, takes a while, and the plugs didn’t go into production until after news of Russia’s presence in the Ukraine reached the U.S.

“Republicans have developed a fetish for Putin,” said Sosa, criticizing conservative reactions to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “I almost wish I could send a couple of these to Fox News since they are so in love with him.”

Unfortunately, because the model above is sandstone and very porous, it is not safe for use as a butt plug, but following the wild appreciation for his product, Sosa has decided to explore body-safe options. The novelty-only sandstone version is up for sale for $24.99.