Texas Partner-Swap Ends in Gunfire

Dec 06, 2013 • Crime

San Antonio wife-swap ends in gunfire

Like many people around the nation, the 29-year-old police officer Frankie Salazar wanted to spice up his relationship. A few months ago, he convinced his friend, 33-year-old Jesus Guitron, to help him arrange a partner-swap. They devised a plan — Guitron would bring a female friend to Salazar’s house, everyone would have some drinks and ease their companions into switching partners for the evening.

Guitron’s date, who accompanied him to Salazar’s San Antonio home on November 30, told police that after having some drinks, Salazar followed her into the bedroom and started kissing her. She wasn’t feeling it, so she pushed the young cop away. That’s awkward enough, but it got worse when Salazar’s partner walked in and saw what was happening. Salazar, according to reports, hadn’t told her what he was planning and she was distraught to see him coming on to another woman. An argument broke out between them.

Guitron’s date asked him to leave, but something went horribly awry. The details here are very unclear, but somewhere along the lines, the argument shifted from the Salazar couple to Salazar and Guitron. It escalated quickly, coming to blows. Salazar called to his partner, asking her to get him his gun. She obliged, obtaining the .45-caliber Springfield XD-S, which she told police she consequently shot in Guitron’s direction when she saw that he had Salazar in a choke-hold.

She said she wanted to frighten Guitron, and didn’t know whether she hit him or not. Later, she retracted her statement, saying she didn’t know if she’d shot him at all.

Guitron’s date finally succeeded in getting the man to leave with her, but at the front entrance of the home, Salazar shot his gun three times and Guitron collapsed in the street, with gunshot wounds to the chest, right hand and left pinky finger.

Police arrived at 3:30 AM Sunday and Guitron was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center in stable, though critical condition. Salazar was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and an additional gun — a Glock .22 — was confiscated. He’s since been released on $50,000 bail, and the Olmos Park Police Department has suspended him pending review of the incident.

It’s a cautionary tale not soon forgotten. The key takeaway, I think we may all agree, is that guns have no place in an argument, especially one fueled by a disinhibitor like alcohol. But there is another lesson here, too: it’s essential to communicate with our partners about what we desire. I can’t imagine how differently this story might have turned out if Salazar had involved his partner in the planning of such an evening.

Header image created with photos by Brandon Watts and Gary Dickerson.