Samsung Doesn’t Actually Think the Penis Is Mightier than the Finger

Nov 26, 2013 • Advertising

the penis, mightier than the finger

The internet has been having some fun these last few days circulating an image of a Samsung billboard with a very amusing kerning error which makes the text read “The penis, mightier than the finger” instead of “The pen is mightier than the finger.” People discussing the hilarious mishap on the Galaxy Note 10.1 billboard named Egypt, Pakistan, Kenya and France as its location.

The truth is less amusing. The billboard is actually in London, off Cromford Road, Samsung said in a statement today. Anyone around those parts will testify that it actually reads “The pen is mightier than the finger.”

Samsung billboard calls penis mighty

Everyone is free to continue making dick jokes. I’m fond of penises and jokes about genitals and tired of being the bearer of bad news.

Also, I recognize that my autocorrect could have easily made this error. Unless I’m sexting, of course, in which case it’s all duck, dish, tips, chin and just about every other word with the power to destroy a fantasy. Damn you, Samsung.