Still Looks Like Pinterest

Aug 14, 2012 • teh inetrwebz, web

what happened to the once most expensive domain sex(dot)com

At a whopping $13 million, is the most expensive domain to ever be sold. Without a doubt, it was at the center of one of the most interesting sagas of our time. It made heroes and villains and a circus of the United States legal system. Say what you want about the evils of porn, defined the way we understand and legally approach digital properties.

And yet there it sits, like a Tickle Me Elmo five years after the craze, looking like a porny copy of the popular image sharing site Pinterest. Here’s looks like Pinterest

And now look at Pinterest (like you’ve never seen it before):

This is Pinterest

Unlike Pinterest, of course, which is overflowing with new content every day, seems to be shuffling the same images around, without any real new content being generated. We haven’t kept up with the site, so we don’t know how many naughty images have been added since the internet first noticed had stolen the Pinterest look in May, but isn’t the fact that they’re still running with that theme and not doing anything interesting sufficiently depressing?

Here’s something nobody knows — in April of last year, our editrix got an e-mail from someone at Official Media Inc purporting to represent The e-mail basically explained they were working to launch a blog on the famous site and they wanted to know whether she was interested in contributing on a regular basis.

“The blog space will have an interesting and dynamic mix of contributors including celebs, adult stars, industry people, as well as every day people,” the e-mail read. “Sex(dot)com is not offering any form of payment for this, but it will offer exposure on the worlds [sic] most famous adult term website. If your [sic] interested — let’s discuss further, I look forward to your response.”

Given how much love our editrix has for people who offer writers “exposure” for their hard work, we’re surprised she responded at all, but she did. Alas, her efforts to get more information about the status of were met only with silence. A year later, there was still no blog on the site. A month after that, the site had become a Pinterest clone.

Face it, SEO is the new URL. Has been for years.