Because Nothing Says Sexy Like Abe Lincoln

Oct 21, 2013 • Culture

The parade of bizarre Halloween sexifications continues with this gem from Rent the Runway, a site that specializes in renting out designer duds for a fraction of the cost.

This one turns a $432 Robert Rodriguez sequin romper into Abraham Lincoln, courtesy of the United States-based fashion and lifestyle site Refinery29:

weird sexy halloween costumes

They couldn’t have picked a less sexy president, at least as far as the ladies are concerned. One of the women to whom Lincoln once proposed described him as being “deficient in those links which make up the chain of a woman’s happiness.” Lincoln found her utterly repulsive but, since he could think of no good objection to “plodding life thru hand in hand with her,” he went ahead and asked her to marry him. She told him to get lost.

The woman he ended up marrying, Mary Todd, was one with whom Lincoln had a protracted on-again, off-again relationship. On his wedding day, Lincoln’s friend, James H. Matheny recalled that during the supposedly happy event, Lincoln “looked and acted as if he was going to the slaughter.” His marriage would not be a happy one. While he was in office, many would have opportunity to observe their rows — during which the First Lady would frequently strike him.

His own step-mother would recall Lincoln simply wasn’t “very fond of girls.” In their 2011 book One Nation Under Sex, Larry Flynt and David Eisenbach go as far as to suggest that the 16th American president was “the original Log Cabin Republican,” if you get the drift.

See, isn’t Halloween fun? You can learn some interesting things when you try to sexy all the things and fail!