What Do a Pigeonhole, Omnibus and Undertaker Have in Common?

Aug 28, 2013 • Culture

What do a pigeonhole, omnibus and undertaker have in common? They were once slang terms for the vagina.

Jonathon Green, slang lexicographer and author of Green’s Dictionary of Slang, has released two timelines revealing our changing attitudes toward our genitals on Timeglider, a web-based app that enables users to share history.

The VAGINA timeline focuses on terms historically associated to refer to the female reproductive organs and associated features such as labia, the clitoris, and pubic hair. It dates back to 1250.

slang lexicographer Jonathon Green traces slang for female genitals back to 1250

The PENIS timeline, on the other hand, goes back to the 1300s and focuses not only on male genitals but their various features — slang exists for large penises, small penises, erect penises, impotent penises, circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

slang lexicographer Jonathon Green traces slang for male genitals back to 1300s

Grab your kicky-wickies and seminaries, ladies and gentlemen, you’re in for a treat!

Via Flowingdata.