Do Strippers Make More Money When They’re Ovulating?

Jun 24, 2010 • News, Research

A common superstition among strippers is that earnings are directly related to their menstrual cycles. When they’re ovulating, the theory goes, they make more money. Well, guess what? There may be some truth to that.

Research conducted by Geoffrey Miller, Joshua M. Tybur and Brent D. Jordan at the department of psychology at the University of New Mexico surveying the earnings and cycles of 18 dancers over 60 days found that there was an interaction between the phase of a dancer’s cycle and her earnings.

Earning average per five-hour period:

  • During estrus: $335
  • During luteal phase: $260
  • During menstruation: $185

Participants using contraceptive pills showed no estrous earnings peak.

“These results constitute the first direct economic evidence for the existence and importance of estrus in contemporary human females, in a real-world work setting,” the researchers stated. “These results have clear implications for human evolution, sexuality, and economics.”


Photo by Nicole Faraday (damn, that girl can hustle!). Information from Discoblog, via Dick Feynman.