Students Think Durex Condoms Are Lame

Nov 14, 2009 • Health, News, Safety

The D.C. Council Committee on Health recently conducted a survey of D.C. high school students attitudes about sex ed, which found that students are unimpressed with the curriculum. Surprise, surprise.

What is most interesting about this study to me is not so much that most teens think talking to a school nurse is like talking to their mom, but that they think Durex condoms are lame.

According to The Washington Post:

Durex condoms, the brand widely distributed by the Health Department under a contract, are considered lame and more likely to pop or break, students said. They said they prefer Trojan or Magnum.

Youths “have very strong opinions about particular brands of condoms,” the researchers wrote. “These opinions . . . factually correct or not, play an important role in a youth’s decision to use a product.”

Are you listening, Durex?