The Cougar

Nov 30, 2009 • Arrow, Diary

She found me on MySpace back in 2006 when I was in my mid-twenties. “Hola!” The subject line read — she’s originally from Chile. “Saw your pics….liked them…”

The e-mail was innocent enough, but this 35-year-old woman’s profile photos consisted of one headshot and four close up shots of her huge breasts in various t-shirts. The pieces were coming together.

We continued to e-mail back and forth on the site, usually late at night, occasionally catching each other on instant messenger. Without saying it directly, we were always reading between the lines, flirting and teasing.

It took about a month before we actually met. I was dog-sitting for a friend in her neighborhood. I let her know and she eventually made a visit past midnight. We greeted, hugged, chatted and eventually my head was in her lap. She massaged my head and I made it up to her voluptuous breasts. We kissed, continued to feel each other and she unzipped my pants, to check me out. Then she asked if we could go upstairs.

Being at my friend’s house, I hesitated. But it was a naughty moment and a dirty thought, so I gathered some clean sheets and made up a bed on top of his. We kissed, got naked and it wasn’t long before she straddled above me, lowering herself onto me.

There’s something about meeting someone in real life for the first time and then having sex that night. It’s just… so… raw, naughty, exciting.

That zeal for the moment made me so hard, so long-lasting, we did it intensely four times in a row with the only rest between to slap on a fresh condom.

It was the first time I talked dirty — probably ’cause it was a dirty (but not filthy) night. As we went doggy style, I would pull her hair, she would moan and then start speaking in Spanish.


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