The Oatmeal Reminds Us Being Single Is Awesome

Jun 14, 2012 • Culture, web

Oatmeal shows us true love

L.A. is not the best place to try to find love. Love is second fiddle to the Dream. The Dream is paramount. The Dream is why we’re here. Face it, when you’re working your way from the bottom, invites seldom come with a plus one.

It’s true. L.A. sucks when it comes to love. And sometimes we’re so lonely, we want to pack up the U-Haul and go home. Okay, not really, but we do our fair share of bitching while under the influence only to delete the tweets in horror the morning after.

So we extend our thanks to the Oatmeal for reminding us how much it sucks to shack up with someone you love. Here’s a preview:

pros and cons of living together by The Oatmeal