The Spanko

Dec 07, 2009 • Arrow, Diary

I met a Valley girl on Match. When I say like-OMG-Valley, I’m talking Arleta, pretty hardcore, leave the Valley accent to Encino and West Valley Jewish girls.

Anyway, our first date (we met once at a mall in public beforehand), I come to pick her up and she lives with dad. I walk up to the address given, see two men in the garage. I call out asking if this was her home and he asked if I was picking her up on a date. I said yes. He looked at the ground shook his head and grabbed a wooden baseball bat and started walking towards me — fast.

He saw my deer-in-the-headlights moment and started cracking up. I laughed a sigh of relief. Soon enough, she and I are on our way down to a choreographed jazz dance show in Leimart Park. I took the whitest girl ever (who would refer to Arabs as A-Rabs, ugh) to a very black community.

Once back at her place later that night, dad’s asleep, we start fooling around. Soon I get uncomfortable, she’s just lying there like a dead fish, I didn’t know what to do, it was weird.

Later, talking over IM, I find out she’s pretty submissive and this was my first true sub date. Actually, she was the spank-me sub kind. Hrmmm, I’ve never done that. And she was a virgin, too — like she wasn’t interested in sex. Spanking made her cum. So I tried and failed miserably. I was too light, then too hard. She said using a hair brush works. She wanted me to make her cry and I was all very new to this (young 20s and she was 19).

In the end, it didn’t work out after a bunch frustrating make out sessions that showcased my lack of apparent spanking skills.

Two years later, I had a moment of spanking inspiration, so I called her up, said “come over.” She did, we got naked, I bent her over my lap and spanked. I was a little better, but I don’t think I can force myself to sit there and spank someone sexually like you see in shots from the 1950s.

Don’t get me wrong, a good spank during sex in the moment when appropriate is awesome. But the pre-planned spank session is just not in me. I can be extremely dom with subs, but in a sexual in bed nature, not on the chair with no sex in sight.

It stings a little. She’s a classic next door neighbor brunette, slim, bountiful breasts, great lips, especially when she went down that one time — quite the tease.

I look back and am thankful someone was there to break my erotic spanking virginity. Now I know I don’t need to go back.

I’ll keep my spanking for “those moments,” thanks very much.