The Virgin

Nov 23, 2009 • Arrow, Diary

There was that movie about kids back in the 90s, it opened up with a guy talking about fucking virgins and then moved to a scene where he convinced a virgin girl to have sex with him. It didn’t interest me, I never finished the movie.

The whole breaking a girl in thing is weird to me — I just have no desire.

Back in my last year of college, I befriended a freshman girl and then met her East Coast roommate. Soon, the roommate and I were hanging out a lot, dating, kissing, fooling around all that jazz and then one night…

“Should I get a condom?” I asked, shooting two birds with one stone.

“Yes” she replied, wide-eyed, but confident.

I prepared, straddled her, spread her legs apart and right before it happened: “wait, I need to tell you something.”

Yes, she was a virgin. Oddly exciting, but not really. I really wanted to get it out of her. “Are you sure this is what you want? Are you really, really sure?”

Of course she was, it was her first year of college. In 2002, a virgin at 18 is a late-bloomer. We fucked in my bed and when I came, she asked what was wrong.

“Nothing,” I smiled, everything was quite well.

We continued on to round two, but being her first time, she was getting worn out down there. We moved on to the shower for a break, tried positioning ourselves in there for more fun, but that shower was built for midgets, so to the bathroom counter we went. She leaned over, I fucked her from behind. She then sat on the counter and I stood and fucked her from there. Once again, she was getting a little sore down there.

I say “fucked” a lot here because that is what it was. No passionate love-making or even sex, it was an 18-year-old girl who wanted to party… and well, fuck.

She wasn’t a hussy and actually, she met a guy soon after who she dated for about 5 years. They moved to NYC together, but last I heard, she is single again.

I’m still not interested in virgins and I presume at my age, meeting a woman of similar years would not be a virgin (if she is, then we are just entering weird territory). And for me breaking in a young 18-year-old again — probably not going to happen, and that’s fine with me.