Weirdest Tax Day Swag Ever

Apr 16, 2013 • Culture, Lifestyle

Trojan gives free sex toys to tax payers

Trojan has been on a roll. Having spent all of March crisscrossing the U.S. giving out free toys from their vibrator line, the Pleasure Cart-pushers decided to take it up a notch, heading out west for tax day. Parked outside various key locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Trojan handed out sex toys to every decent, tax-paying citizen who crossed their path.

“It’s a stimulus package they will never forget,” said Bruce Weiss, Trojan’s vice president of marketing, who has long championed campaigns to normalize the use of vibrators to increase pleasure. Last year, in a piece on the New York Times about the Trojan Pleasure Carts, Weiss explained the campaign: “What we’re doing is taking something like a hot dog cart that is so everyday and so mainstream and we’re showing people that vibrators are mainstream.”

For those who pay for their own vibes, CNN had a rather handy little tip for next year: “If a roofer can deduct the cost of his tools used in his line of work, then an ‘actress’ may deduct her ‘tools’ used to generate revenue as well,” says Vincent Porter, a certified public accountant in Texas, referring to a camgirl client. He helped her write off some $200 worth of sex aids.

Hey, if the IRS is going to fuck you, the least they can do is let you deduct the lube, right?