Trolling The Guy Who Should Have Stuck With YouPorn

Jun 19, 2012 • Culture, lolz

out of line on Google+

If Rajeev had known was was about to befall him, it’s highly likely he would have logged in to Facebook instead of Google+. But Rajeev liked Google+. Unlike Facebook where most people — especially women — were in the habit of locking down their profiles, the atmosphere on Google+ was different. On Google+ he could browse for hours, jumping from one woman’s profile to another’s, often finding a lot of photos in between, which he really liked. And, of course, he could comment on most public posts.

Much to his dismay, comment he did on a thread by Christine Bogart. This is what happened next.


The post, which wouldn’t under normal circumstances have gotten too many comments, quickly went viral, earning almost 400 comments in a matter of hours.

Though amused with the response, Bogart laments what it means to be a woman online, “Many of us don’t write public posts because each time we do, we get comments of that nature. This time, women strike back. With nails. Teeth. And mad sarcasm.”

For the sake of brevity, the comment thread above has been manipulated to show only the relevant comments. You can click through to the post above to read the whole thing.

  • Iroykol

    I am delighted by this. As an Indian woman, sadly, I know of many such yucky characters….glad to see them getting their due. And I love the wonky English in Emmy Ellison’s posts.

  • Sergey Solyanik

    If this is trolling, then I’m a Russian ballet soloist.

  • Gary Walker

    Emmy Ellison stated elsewhere that this was her first ever attempt at trolling someone.  I would just like to say that she definitely opened with her A game.  Like a BOSS.

  • Emmy Ellison

    :) I was just intending to help out a good friend. I never thought it would go this insane! Note to all: Don’t mess with the people I adore. 😉

  • Doulamichelle

    Oh Emmy, this is too good! lmao

  • Scott Cramer


  • Lisa Watts

    I know this Troll, I think he is now Wesley something serving in Sudan, Blah,blah, blah. He is still out there. This was last week…….Had to block him again……….won’t be accepting anymore friend requests from men I don’t know on face ever…………

  • Rahul Joshi

    “As an Indian woman” .. sigh. Don’t Indianize this Indian woman. I’m sure such douchebags are aplenty on the Internet (globally).

  • emeline renz

    Hahaha! This dude commented on my shout out to Big Lebowski fans, so I’m totally effing with him w Achiever quotes. And I’m not the only one… If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll enjoy it!

  • Hanskaushik

    Brilliant… there are many women who face this and simply don’t know how to react… 

  • John Dzubak

    This is rather fantastic!

  • Warren Jason Street

    That is some award-winning trolling going on there…

  • Karenator

    Whatever happened to block and move on? Shit happens.