What Recent Attacks on Sex Discussions Have to Do With Your Blog

Aug 19, 2010 • Freedom, News

Usually we don’t regurgitate her column here, but this week, our editrix takes a stand against those who want to suppress the dialog on sex, desire and pleasure over at BlogHer and we think it’s well worth the read:

Here’s what is at stake: Recent censorship of online discussions of sex and pornography — not the porn itself, but discussions — isn’t an issue of us versus them, morality versus indecency, conservatives versus liberals, believers versus atheists. This is a matter of freedom to speak, freedom to congregate, freedom to learn about ourselves and to share that knowledge. That’s what this country stands for and it’s essential that those of us who believe in these tenets take a stance against those seeking to oppress them.

Head over to the site to read the whole thing — and don’t miss the comments. They’re getting interesting.