What’s in A Wi-Fi Name?

Apr 10, 2011 • Culture, geek, web

The wi-fi name game.

Give a human being the opportunity to name something — they’ll not only take it, they’ll make you proud. Behold the following examples encapsulated in the following wi-fi networks:

Behold! Ass-to-mouth — and the network, in a true homage to hook-up culture, is unsecured.

A desperate plea! And a warning to people considering moving into the neighborhood. Or else a bit of advertisement, depending on your proclivities.

Slutty wi-fi names.

Nothing like broadcasting your sexual health to the neighborhood. Well, what do you expect if you rename your wi-fi “[Redacted] is a lying cheating son of a bitch”? The adage holds true: all is fair in love and war — and network-naming.

Slutty wi-fi names.

Over in mid-town Manhattan, our NYC liaison Jackie Summers finds ass-to-mouth is a nation-wide phenomenon.

Mean wi-fi name!

Robert Taylor is not above a good prank, as you can clearly see above. He tells us that as a result of the prank, his neighbors actually called him for help with their “broken” wi-fi! We so love abusive geekery. Good for him.

But our all-time favorite has to be this one:

Slutty wi-fi name.

What’s the best one you’ve ever seen?

  • catch

    Apartment living in college (fully shameful disclosure: USC) definitely brought up the absurdly creative network names, especially because you could see about 15-20 at any given time. I remember the interesting one ranging from–I’m paraphrasing, it’s been awhile–the Luddite “UCLA(sucks/arefaggots/shouldgodieinafire)” to the bombastically bawdy “heyneighborsweseeyoufucking/wouldjablowme/b00bsb00bsb00bs” to the hipster street cred establishing “[insert reference from Joss Whedon/obscure philosopher/Star Wars]” to the antagonistic “itsmine/idliketoseseyoutry/fuck you.” Cockjugglingthundercunt is pretty amazing, though. Hats off.