Three Summer Must-Haves for Women

Jun 08, 2010 • Reviews

Everything we know about looking good, we owe to Meg O’Brien. Meg launched her blog Meg’s Makeup in 2005 without any real training. Her goal? That women wouldn’t wander cosmetic counters alone. Today, she has over 10,000 subscribers to her killer product review mailing list.

Over drinks in WeHo, it occurred to us to ask about some private essentials — and because we’re not greedy, we now bring her knowledge to you. Just in time for summer, here are three products you absolutely cannot do without:

The Tinge Razor

For $69.00, you’d expect this thing to do magic. And you’d be right. The Tinge vibrates in 32 different speeds – making this the most useful vibrator you will ever own. Scared about the idea of losing control with a razor attached to your toy? Don’t be, the Tinge comes with a cap over the razor and the vibration settings don’t work unless the cap is secured. Essentially, this is a super covert little toy that needs no explanation when summer guests see it charging in the bathroom, or when you’re having your bag searched at the airport – because God knows I’ve had enough bomb threat misunderstandings due to my pearl butterfly.

Sweetspot Labs Gentle Wash

Anyone who has experienced dryness or irritation of the vaginal region knows how important it is to maintain the pH balance in the area. Enter Sweetspot Labs’ washes, specially formulated with coconut to keep it lubricated, glycerin to condition, vitamin E to nourish, and chamomile and aloe vera to soothe. The $12, 4 fl.oz. washes come in citrus galbanum, geranium lavender, basil grapefruit and unscented. The company also makes a balancing mist and wipe for freshness on-the-go. With all the activity related to summer, and the constant exposing of ourselves to the elements, this is a product well worth its while.

Peeka-Bu Intimate Grooming Mirror

This little mirror has a long flexible neck and a suction cup which enables you to attach it to most any bathroom surface and bend it however you need to facilitate your womanscaping. Their site actually offers a section with different styles for your vulva, what they like to call Pimp Up Your Privates! Hilarious. Except, of course, if you’re a woman of your desire, you take this stuff very seriously. Don’t worry, the company may be giggles and lulz with their word-choice, but the $29 mirror itself is serious business. As it should be. It’s summer and this is Los Angeles. Flawless bikini lines are paramount.