Would Never Happen in L.A.

Feb 07, 2012 • Lifestyle, Toys

Delivered right to your door

Babeland, New York City’s sex toy that would, has something new up their sleeve. Something that would never in a million years happen in L.A.: home delivery.

Like we didn’t envy the public transportation system enough, or the fact that you can have a decent meal no matter what ungodly hour of the night it is. No. Now we have to also be jealous that New Yorkers don’t even need to leave their bed to get a sex toy delivered within the hour by Babeland. How wrong is this?! Sometimes it takes so long when we order takeout, we seriously wonder whether it wouldn’t be faster to have the Chinese place down the street send us our beef and broccoli through USPS. It might even still be warm when it arrives!

Per Scallywag & Vagabond:

The door-to-door of service works like this: whoopie-makers can scope out items online, then call Babeland to place an order. A receptionist at the shop, which is located on Bergen Street near Flatbush Avenue, then assigns the delivery to a cyclist at the forward-thinking bike messenger company, Clementine Courier. A pedal-grinder then drops a “discreet-looking box” at any address in Brooklyn, usually in less than an hour.

Delivery costs an added $30 — hands down the cheapest way to get off in NYC.

Photo by Pierre LaScott.