Best Wrecking Ball Parodies

Jan 21, 2014 • Culture, Music, Porn Valley

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball music video

Last September, Michigan’s Grand Valley State University was forced to remove a pendulum sculpture after several students used it to emulate the music video “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, in which the pop singer rides the steel ball used in demolitions. Students took up the cause, leading the school to eventually return the sculpture — with a barrier to prevent such reenactments.

But the students at Grand Valley State aren’t the only ones parodying the popular, Terry Richardson-directed music video. Betty White parodied it in a promotional spot of her new show Off Their Rockers. But the best really kicked off after the funnies site College Humor created a reaction video to “Wrecking Ball” with construction workers:

In November, Canadian comedian Steve Kardynal took his rendition to the chat site Chatroulette — with incomparable results:

Last week, Carin Bondar, host of Wild Sex, turned it into a teaching moment about evolution:

And last Friday, porn hall-of-famer Ron Jeremy joined in:

Sometimes I stay up at night thinking what a future civilization would think of us if they were to uncover some media without context. How would the Wrecking Ball meme be interpreted? I am easily amused, I realize.