You Know, Substance Abuse Isn’t Funny

Jun 26, 2012 • Crime, News, Porn Valley

You sad haters hating on Jenna Jameson

No sooner had the news broken that Jenna Jameson had been charged with two counts of DUI that the internet exploded with rude remarks about the former porn star and entrepreneur. In typical fashion, Jameson struck back.

Jenna Jameson gets DUI, kicks haters' asses

Good for her. This habit of mocking people with substance abuse problems has to go. Substance abuse isn’t funny. Joking about people who suffer from it doesn’t help them get better, doesn’t help their loved ones heal faster, or help keep the streets safe. It does nothing.

On May 25, Jameson crashed her Range Rover into a pole. According to XBIZ, Jameson sustained minor injuries and refused medical care. Police were called and it was reported that she registered a .13 on a field sobriety test and that she had Ambien, a muscle relaxant, and Suboxone, a semi-synthetic opioid pain-killer, in her system.

If Jameson is convicted on the two counts of DUI and the one count of driving without a license, she could face up to a year of jail time.

Jameson was unusually quiet on Twitter for a little over a week following her accident, then released a statement to her 450,000-plus followers saying: “On May 25th I made one of the most terrible mistakes of my life, i want to apologize to everyone. I am focusing on being a mother to my twin boys and I appreciate all of my friends and family who have stood by me.”

We stand by you, Jenna. Get better.

Header image via Jenna Jameson.